Posted on April 10th, 2012 by Henry.
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QR Code Silliness Reaches New Heights

QR Code SillinessBrooks Sports has set the gold standard for the admirably silly use of QR codes. The picture to the right needs absolutely no explanation. Their work is done. I think I alarmed the bewildered shopkeeper with my outburst of laughter when I spotted it. The icing on the cake of this impressive piece of marketing tomfoolery is that when you scan the QR code, you get taken to the Brooks Facebook page where you can find out and chat about, err trainers. Gripping stuff. I’d love to know how many people will actually scan this, I suspect it will be less than 10.

This has prompted the launching of Text Marketer’s first competition. We’re on the hunt for the most amazing, ridiculous or pointless use of a QR code. It could be the positioning of the code that you admire or perhaps the completely aimless and lazy way that someone has decided that a QR code is an imperative for their marketing campaign.

The winner will receive a free Text Marketer account and 5000 free text credits. For a chance to win, simply send a picture of your entry to . We’ll publish all the entries and announce the winner at the end of August 2012. For examples of QR code nonsense, see our previous posts that included a QR code on the roof of a taxi as well as one appearing on a beer pump.

Text Marketer provides a complete range of SMS marketing and communication tools. If you’d like to see how bulk SMS can be used in your business, please help yourself to a free account. You’ll receive 10 free text credits for testing. If you’d rather speak to a human, please feel free to call us. Details can be found on our contacts page.

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