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Be Honest. Is Your Advertising Working?

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Most marketers start to feel a little uncomfortable when faced with such a stark question.
They might shift uneasily in their seats and start muttering about the value of ‘branding’ and claiming ‘it’s not all about response’.

The simple fact of the matter is that most marketing departments simply don’t know how effective their advertising campaigns are. There might be a general sense that more enquiries were generated but precisely how many and whether the campaign actually paid for itself often remains a mystery. There’s a certain amount of comfort in not knowing. Understandably, people are content to advertise in the same way that they have always done and don’t want it revealed that actually the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Advertising…stand up and be counted.

There is however a simple and cost effective tool for making advertising stand up and be counted.

The inclusion of a text response mechanic on advertising campaigns can reveal the truth, warts and all, on whether an ad is working. It’s a simple and effective move that could raise questions about your entire marketing strategy.

On occasion, we’ve had clients who have taken a sharp intake of breath and insisted, ‘No, our target market is older and they won’t be interested in sending in a text’. Without being too dismissive, this is simply nonsense. Text is now a universal method of communication in the UK and according to the Mobile Data Association, 78% of people aged 55-74 regularly use text.

Which ad campaign delivers ROI?

As well as measuring the overall response from your advertising, you can also measure which advertising channels are the most cost effective. By including an additional code or word after the main keyword, you can accurately measure the response on each. For example if you were advertising in the local paper and also the radio, you would have different ‘calls to action’. Radio SMS responders might text BROCHURE to 88802, while newspaper responders text BROCHURE P to 88802.

So the time has come to be brave and get the answer to the awkward question. Does our advertising work?  From our experience with dozens of clients, if you give people the choice, around 50% of them will opt to make their initial contact by text. Additionally, simply by having a text option you should generate between 15 and 20% more response overall.

Free Text Response Service

Text Marketer is offering text response tools at no costs. By making it free, we are encouraging as many customers as possible to use it and help them generate responder databases that can be used for further SMS marketing campaigns.

There is no set up cost, monthly fee or contract and setting up your account will take just a minute or two. To book your text response service you first need to set up a free account.
Then complete the keyword application form.Setupp usually takes a couple of hours.

If you’d prefer to pick up the phone, call us on 0117 9249207, we’d love to hear from you.

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