Big Summer


University of Southampton Adopts SMS Strategy

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We’re now into the season where final year students get the opportunity to parade cities up and down the land, wearing silly costumes and attending ceremonies in front of proud families and friends. Organising the thousands of graduation ceremonies is however a potential logistical horror story.

University of Southampton have adopted a bulk sms campaign to inform students of the date and time of their ceremonies. Students, who aren’t known for their organisational skills, now have no excuse for turning up at the wrong venue at the wrong time.

Each ‘graduand’ receives a timely text reminding them to actually register for the ceremony, followed by an additional text with the venue details.

The university Alumni Office has also embraced a cost effective way of keeping in touch with lost former students. A text is sent to all ‘lost alumni’ inviting them to e-mail their new address so that the university can keep in touch.

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