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5 Easy Things to Test to Achieve a Better Response from your SMS Marketing Campaigns

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Testing something new or changing something seemingly small in your bulk SMS campaign can definitely improve the response that you achieve. But you won’t know until you try.

Testing something new can seem like hard work but it’s really not. If you’re putting together a business SMS campaign anyway, it’s worth trying to get the best outcome possible.

1. Timing

When is your SMS campaign hitting your customers’ phones? Is this the best time, which is likely to get the best response? Where are most of your customers likely to be when the text arrives? In general terms, we have noticed that there are two peak response times, one over the lunch break between 12 and 2 pm and another during the afternoon and early evening commute.

2. The Offer

Try different offers to see which one works best. For example, test a % discount versus a pricing discount such as 20% off versus a £10 savings. Or run a test with an expiration date versus no expiration date. Then roll out to the rest of your list with the winning offer.

3. Message Length

You are no longer restricted to the standard 160 characters. You can now send a message of up to 612 characters. Try sending a longer text message to your customers which will allow you to explain the benefits of your offer in more detail.

4. Send a follow-up SMS Message

All the research demonstrates that sending a follow up message to your text campaign can have a dramatic improvement to the response. Try sending customers an additional text and measure whether you receive a better response.

5. Segment Your Database

Take a look at the different types of customers and prospects that you have. Can you send different text messages to these distinct categories? What type of offer is likely to appeal to these different groups?

Don’t forget that when you conduct your tests, make sure you test them one at a time so you know which change actually made the difference.

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