Plant-a-Forest Option now live! SMS Marketing helps the Environment

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We are proud to announce our Plant-a-Forest option is now live in customer accounts. This is an opt-in option and is only shown on those accounts that have opted-in.

Your Certificate Screen

You can access your certificate showing how much woodland you have created under “Reports” menu, option “Plant-a-Forest Cert”. This will pop up a new screen with your certificate which will constantly update itself with every purchase you make.

Sample of a Plant-a-Forest certificate detailing the contribution your company has made.

Sample of a Plant-a-Forest certificate detailing the contribution your company has made.


Click "Reports" menu to see certificate option, where enabled.

I’ve just sent a campaign and my certificate has not updated? This is because the certificate is updated when you purchase credits, relative to the amount of your purchase.

What is the Plant-a-Forest option for my SMS Marketing account?

It is a scheme whereby we donate money for every message you buy to create native woodlands. It is an opt-in scheme so please do conatct us if you would like to opt-in.

If you are a new customer please create a free bulk sms account and let us know if you would like to opt-in.

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