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Middlesborough Council Launches Children with Disabilities SMS Service

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middlesborough1Middlesborough Council operates a superb network of support services for parents of children with disabilities. The Parents 4 Change initiative, for example, keeps members informed about local activities and news and also provides a supportive environment for parents, carers, professionals.

An integral part of the programme is a text alert service parents-logo2that keeps members up to date with not only local events but also provides information about the various support groups that are available. Subscribers to the sms service receive regular text bulletins on a wide range of subjects.

Bulk SMS informs efficiently at low cost.

For busy parents and carers on the move, there is no better way of informing than by using a bulk sms service. It’s immediate, cost effective and gets vital information across wherever the recipient happens to be.

Text marketer has been chosen to run the sms project which began in November 2009.

Local councils are increasingly adopting bulk sms strategies to assist better communication with residents. This trend seems set to continue with a number of councils using Text Marketer’s sms service in recent months.

Bulk SMS accounts are free to set up and there is no monthly fee or hidden costs. Bulk SMS message costs are the lowest in the mobile marketing industry and are routed directly to the UK Networks.

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