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Medway Council Deploys Bulk SMS for Staff Communication

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medway_logoMedway Council has joined the many companies and organisations that are using a bulk sms service as a way of communicating with members of staff. The management team are now sent regular meeting reminders or news of meeting cancellations by sms.

Using Text Marketer’s bulk sms account, they have been able to upload mobile numbers into different staff groups. Sending a message is simply a case of choosing the appropriate group, writing the message and selecting the time that they wish the sms to arrive. The sms campaign will then arrive on the mobiles simultaneously at the given time.

The bulk sms gateway can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection, so business sms alerts can be set up from wherever the sender happens to be.

Using sms as a way of keeping employees in touch, has an immediacy that no other communications channel can match and for field based staff can be an essential day to day business tool.

Accounts are free to set up and come with 10 free text credits. Bulk SMS message costs are also the lowest in the industry.

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