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Drayton Bird Interviews Text Marketer

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Have you come across a chap called Drayton Bird before? If you’ve ever attended a direct marketing course or event, there’s a good chance you’ll have heard him imparting his marketing wisdom to an appreciative audience. Drayton is a marketing guru on a legendry scale.He’s been in the marketing world for over 50 years and has been described by David Ogilvy as knowing ‘more about direct marketing than anyone else in the world’. Praise indeed.

Drayton recently found himself on Text Marketer’s email list. We send out regular bulletins containing what we hope are useful items of news and advice on mobile marketing. Much to our amazement, he found what we had to say interesting and decided to reply to the email for more information. Now this is where it starts to go a bit wobbly from Text Marketer’s point of view. We receive titanic volumes of spam and in an effort to reduce this, we’ve put in place vicious spam filters that reject much of what is aimed at our in box, including on this occasion, Drayton’s email. So having been interested enough to reply, we failed to respond, committing marketing sin number 27.

Incurring the guru’s wrath!

Such was Drayton’s annoyance that he decided to blog about how we had done the hard work in getting his attention and then failed spectacularly to get back to him. We had actually become a case study of ‘how not to do it’. (It’s probably wrong to feel just slightly proud of this.)

A colleague of mine found his blog and I responded with a post along the lines of ‘honest guv, we didn’t receive your email, please talk to us’. We then began an email correspondence and had a couple of phone conversations.

Amongst his many other projects, Drayton is working hard on putting together a series of training videos. Under his Drayton Bird Learning brand, he will shortly be launching a Commonsense Marketing course which will include video interviews with industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience. So Drayton invited me to be one of the experts and be interviewed by him as part of the course. Extremely flattering though it is to asked, my media training has not, it’s fair to say, been extensive, so the prospect of ‘lights, camera, action’ was not something I relished.

A few weeks later, I found myself in the hot seat, wired for sound and feeling somewhat uncomfortable. Drayton has a very relaxed style so my performance improved as the interview progressed and the results are not a total write off. The interview will be released around mid February so we’ll do some editing and bring you the interesting bits in a few weeks.

What still astounds us mobile marketing types is that ten years on, SMS Marketing is still operating around the fringes of mainstream marketing. As Drayton fully admits at the beginning of the interview, he knew ‘next to nothing’ on mobile marketing. If gurus like DB haven’t yet got to grips with the subject, then you can all feel slightly better if you feel you should know more. If you’d like a chat about how we can help introduce bulk SMS or mobile to your business, please feel free to give us a call. We promise not to film you.

So watch this space, I might get a taste for this video business and start doing more of it. Or maybe not. As our technical director Nick Rich put it, “rather you than me mate”.

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