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Top Notch Health Clubs Integrate with Text Marketer’s SMS Gateway

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topnotch_logo_resizeSouth East based health club chain, Top Notch Health Clubs are using Text Marketer’s SMS gateway to keep in touch with their customers and prospects.

They have integrated their own customer contact system with the sms gateway as a powerful and flexible solution to their sms communication requirements.

By using the sms gateway rather than a standard account, there is no need for them to export mobile data from one system and upload it into another.

Text campaigns are sent directly from the customer’s system and can use specific customer information to send tailored text alerts. Individuals receive messages specifically for them as opposed to one message being sent to a group.

The SMS gateway uses simple HTTP GET requests to communicate with the Text Marketer gateway server which allows for flexible and rapid intergration of systems. The SMS gateway also generares delivery reports so that users can monitor that their campaigns are being delivered and any ‘dead’ numbers flagged.

Set up your SMS Gateway account in 1 minute

Setting up an SMS gateway account is free, accounts come with 10 free text credits so that you can test the system at no costs. (Please let us know if you need more sms credits for texting, we’ll be more than happy to add more to your account.) We’re pleased to offer very low sms costs even if your systems will only be sending low volumes of texts.

At Text Marketer we have an experienced team of techncial people ready to assist with any SMS gateway integration issues of queries that might arise. It’s very likely that they will have come across similar sutuations to yours and will be able to advice on the simplest solution.

We’ve helped many software developers intergrate with our SMS gateway, so please feel free to call on 0117 9249207.

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