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How to nearly Double Advertising Response Rates

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Do you advertise? Radio? Directories? Newspapers? Web?

Would it be good if you could double your response rate? What if it was free to try so you could see if it’s really true?

Here’s how it works …
If you add a text response mechanism to your advertising it improves response rates by 100% on average! Even in business-to-business markets.

Why do you think all the big companies that advertise on TV allow people to respond by text message? …. Quite simply because they have tested this and it works!

We’ve been in the text industry since 1999 and we know it works but many, many companies in the UK are just missing this opportunity and as a result simply not getting the best ROI on their advertising spend.

We want to prove to you how effective it is. So we offer a FREE TRIAL to all new customers with a full system & their own unqiue text response keyword so they can try it in their next ad.
It would be something like "Text ENQUIRE to 88802 and we’ll call you back" … these responses would then be emailed to you or your sales team as a new enquiry within a matter of seconds.

You can try it free for 7 days. When you are delighted with the results it is only £25 plus VAT per month after that to keep your keyword live – no long term contracts, you can simply cancel it whenever you like. This is the cheapest text response system in the UK, back by our Best Buy Guarantee.

Try it today. We can virtually guarantee it will uplift response rates to your advertising and if it doesn’t, it’s cost you nothing in any event.

Just think how often you would have rather sent a text to a company rather than call, email or write – over 80% of customers are asking for UK companies to offer this service …. be one of them.

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