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Sending SMS Text Messages to landline telephone numbers

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This article simply outlines how to use your Text Marketer account to send bulk sms to landline numbers.

There are 2 critical differences when sending to landline numbers using your text marketer account:

1. The ‘originator’ or ‘sender ID‘ MUST be numeric only. You can use a mobile number, your office number or our shortcode number (88802) but there must be no alpha characters in the sender ID. For example, 88802, 01179992299, 0700099999 is fine.

2. The landline number you are sending to must be in international format which means it must start 44 instead of 0. For example, 01179992299 becomes 441179992299 in GSM international format. This is true whether you are uploading databases or using the quick send feature in your account.

It does not cost any more than usual to send to landlines.

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