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Sita Widens Response Options with SMS Service

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sita-logoSita UK, the country’s leading recycling and resource management company, is using Text Marketer’s SMS service to help get a better response from its business marketing campaigns.

Companies wanting to find out more about how they can reduce the impact of their waste on the environment, now have the option of texting a keyword to a 5 digit short code. The text response option is now being implemented on a number of business marketing materials being deployed during 2010.

Traditionally an sms service such as this has been used mainly by business to consumer companies but increasingly B to B companies are taking advantage of the increased response rates that can be achieved. If you give people the choice around half of them will choose to make their initial contact by sms. (source – Mobile marketing Association)

The take up of sms services by business to business companies has been surprisingly slow and the feeling that sms solutions are the preserve of the consumer still remains failry well entrenched. The notion that you need thousands of people to make sms marketing worth it just don’t stand up. Just because a campaign is going out to a relatively low number of recipients, it doesn’t mean that it is in any way a less effective channel.

SMS services – an attractively low cost option

A text response service costs just £25.00 a month and there’s no set up fee or minimum term. An outbound sms account can be set up for free and you can purchase as many text credits as you need for your campaign.

If you’d like to find out more about how sms could work for your business, please give us a cal on 0117 9249207.

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