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Christian Aid Uses SMS Software in Fund Raising Effort

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christianaidOne of Christian Aid’s more innovative fundraising ideas is Quizaid. This initiative encourages quizmasters to hold a local quiz to help raise funds for Christian Aid’s vital overseas development projects.

The charity has put together a Quizaid Pack that contains quiz questions and all the materials needed to publicise the quiz event. In order to make it easier for fund raisers to apply, Christian Aid are using Text Marketer’s SMS software to allow people to apply for their pack by text.

The process is simple. Applicants simply text the word QUIZ, followed by their name and address to short code 88802. The sms software then captures the person’s mobile number and their details and sends them an automated text response letting them know that their pack is on its way. By making it easier for people to apply, the charity is maximising the response, resulting in more fund raising events taking place throughout the country.

Lower costs drives increased use of sms software

SMS software and text response services have become increasingly affordable in recent months. Text Marketer’s sms software is completely free with sms credits at the lowest rate in the industry. A text response service costs just £25 per month and there is no minimum period or contract. The service even has a 7 day trial so that companies can see that the service is right for them before spending any money.

With such low costs, many more companies are incorporating an sms service into their marketing and communications strategies. By including a text response on advertising and marketing materials, companies can expect uplift in overall response of between 15% and 20%. Additionally, by giving customers the option, around 50%, choose to make contact with the company by text. (source Mobile marketing association)

To find out more about how sms software can benefit your organisation, please give us a call on 0117 9249207. Alternatively, you can set up your sms response service by following the simple wizard.

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