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Combining Email with SMS as a communication tool

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One of the issues with using SMS as a communication medium from a commercial stand point is that it’s very difficult to maintain the thread of the conversation using web based tools as SMS reply doesn’t contain the original message. For example an SMS is sent to a customer hopefully will reply but perhaps in a few days time (by which time several other messages may have been sent) by which time you may have forgotten what the original message was, this is because their reply doesn’t contain the original message, i.e it’s not threaded.

Email however is a great tool to maintain a thread or conversation, but lacks the penetration that SMS has. To solve this issue at Text Marketer, we have developed a system that uses your standard email client (such as Outlook) to maintain a short conversation with a customer but the communication method is SMS.

A real life example

A recruitment company has several account managers responsible for various vacancies. A vacancy has arisen for a job in IT, the account manager (let’s call him Bill) selects 20 of his best candidates and sends the standard job ad via his email client to our Email to SMS gateway……meanwhile another urgent vacancy has arisen and again Bill selects his top candidates and using email sends them the job ad as a text message. So at this point he has two vacancies sent out to say 40 people. The problem would now arise where by the candidate texts back saying something like “Can you send me more information”, but at this point how does Bill know which vacancy he is asking about? Traditinally he’d have to match up the mobile to the communication he had sent.

The Text Marketer system is different because it also contains the original message with the response, so Bill would see his original job ad, what time and date he sent it and then the response from the candidate with the time it was sent. Now when any candidate texts back he knows which job they are referring to. The system has a thread or conversation element to it, just like normal email. Bill can then just hit reply and send the next part of the communication (perhaps asking him to call in), his reply is automatically converted into SMS by our email gateway and the candidate receives Bill response.


How to configure your email to send to Text Marketer

To set up threaded SMS call us on 117 924 9207

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