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Mobile Marketing – Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola’s Jude Brooks talks about the company’s approach to mobile marketing.

Jude also gives advice to companies taking their first steps into mobile marketing at the end of the video.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing offers the most direct, most personal way of getting in touch with your customers. Whether we are talking awareness, sales promotion or customer retention, Mobile Marketing adds an interactive dimension that is unparalleled for effectiveness and immediacy.

For years now, reaching attractive and relevant target groups via classical media such as print and TV has been getting ever more difficult. This is exactly where the mobile phone comes in as a marketing channel. In many countries, there are already more mobile phones than TV sets, and the typical user behaviour (always on, anytime, anywhere), makes mobile the first interactive mass medium. Mobile Marketing is already becoming an integral part of a brand’s overall marketing mix, and with very high  success rates.

Talk to us. Get your Mobile Marketing right first time.

If you’d like to talk further about using the mobile phone in your marketing mix then please speak to Text Marketer, we’ve been running mobile marketing campaigns for over a decade for companies large and small.

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