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Mobile Marketing – Xmas shoppers go mad for SMS Vouchers

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Results in show that 2010 Christmas Shoppers are going mad for last minute discount vouchers sent to them by text message.

“The concept is simple but amazingly effective”, reports Barry Hemmings from online retailer RoughTrax, “we’re texting out voucher codes to our customers that expire on our order deadline for christmas. Customers can use the code online or by telephoning their order through and mentioning the code”.

RoughTrax are reporting a 14% redemption rate to their voucher codes and Christmas sales are up 42% compared to the same period last year.

The text they sent was very simple; “Seasons Greetings. Order online or by telephone using voucher code XMAS10 to claim 10% off your entire order. Tel: 01179869065.

Barry continues, “I think everyone’s out for a bit of a bargain this year and even offering a small discount voucher code has proven a seriously effective way to remind people about us. We’ll probably do it for the new years sales too”.

Texting 1000 customers costs just £37 and with reported redemption rates of 14% this is possibly one of the most profitable marketing campaigns companies could employ right now.

Mobile Marketing is incredibly straightforward. In fact, from start to finish a campaign can take as little as 5 minutes to set up and send out.

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