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Mobile Marketing – Over 50′s Move Centre Stage

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For years now we’ve been trying to convince some customers that the over 50′s do send and receive texts just as younger folk do. They tend not to be such heavy users of sms but are just as likely to respond to a mobile marketing campaign as anyone else.

According to some research compiled by TGI MobiLens and released by the Direct Marketing Association, it seems that the older generations are fast becoming avid users of mobile social networking too.

There’s been an increase of 50% in the number of over 50′s using their phones for social networking purposes. The DMA believes “this market could offer a number of opportunities as they are more likely to have spent more on expensive holidays or on credit or debit card purchases.

This seems to be more concrete evidence that there’s plenty of buying power in the baby boomer generation and marketers should not underestimate their quick adoption of new technologies.

Mobile marketing using a simple bulk smsmechanic remains by a dramatic margin the most effective direct marketing channel. With its low cost and astonishing open rates of around 97%, companies who ignore it could miss out on an easy way to dramatically increase their sales.

Bulk sms campaigns can be set up in a matter of minutes and the response is almost immediate. If your organisation is new to mobile marketing and you’d like to see how it might work for you, please set up a free account. You’ll receive 10 free text credits which will allow you to test the system at no cost.

Alternatively, please give us a call on 0117 205 0202, we’d be delighted to suggest a bulk sms strategy that might work for you.

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