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Q: How can I make my advertising budget work harder for me using SMS Marketing?

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A: Include an sms / text response and drive a higher response

Picture a train or bus full of commuters flicking through newspapers and magazines. None of these potential customers are able to respond to advertising that grabs their attention.

By the time they have arrived back home or the office, the chances are they will have forgotten all about the offer that they were interested in.

Imagine now that they could make an initial response direct from the page by sending in a simple text with a keyword.

Most direct response advertising encourages people to either phone an organisation or visit their web site. But when you consider where people are when they notice advertising, they may not be willing to make a call or they may not be near a web connection.

By including a text response to your advertising you allow prospects to respond wherever they happen to be. The simple result is more enquiries and more sales.

Measure the effectiveness of your advertising

Include a text response in your advertising allows you to see exactly how effective your activity is. It also lets you measure the pull of your advertising in different publications, making sure you get the most out of your marketing spend

Whether you business is consumer or business focused, by adding a new and innovative response mechanism you will see an immediate benefit.


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