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Email to SMS V Online Bulk SMS Account

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I need to send out text messages to individual customers throughout the day (normally about 35 or so). Should I use email to sms or should I logon to my bulk sms account and use that?


Both are a great way of getting a text message out the door quickly and easily and which you choose will really boil down to what works best for you. There are however some differences between the two methods which I’ve outlined below.

Email to SMS Advantages

Email to sms uses your existing email, so you don’t need to switch from one sms system to another.
Replies to you messages are also routed straight back to your inbox, so you don’t need to login to access your replies. Text responses also include the original text, so you can see what the person was replying to.


You could easily send a message that is over the standard 160 characters. This would use than more than 1 text credit and there’s no way of alerting you to this before you send your text.
To pick up delivery reports for email to sms, you would need to login to your bulk sms account.

Online Bulk SMS Account Advantages

You have ready access to all the tools of the dedicated bulk sms system.
Delivery reports can be accessed in a few clicks and you have a character counter that tells you how many sms credits you are using for each text.
Template library messages can be accessed, so you don’t have to rewrite the text each time but simply modify a template text.
Speed. You can send a message from just one screen and this might be marginally quicker than sending an email.


The web based account is a standalone tool, so you need to toggle between this and your other business systems.
Replies can be routed to you email but won’t contain the original message, so you don’t know what the person is replying to.

We suggest trying both email to sms and online bulk sms for a few days and seeing which one works best. If anyone else has any questions about how to optimise your sms activities, please feel free to get in touch on 0117 2050202.



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