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REST SMS Gateway API – groups resource

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This blog post has been superseded with our website documentation

This resource allows you list send groups.

This document is referred to by the REST SMS Gateway API – Specification Document.

Resource URI:

Actions relating to send groups.


GET method

Lists all the available send groups, and the STOP groups.

Example usage:

Example POST response:

<response processed_date="2011-04-07T14:43:59+01:00">
	<groups quantity="2" >
		<group name="short_ZDZY" numbers="0" id="1" is_stop="true"/>
		<group name="MyGroup" numbers="0" id="2" is_stop="false"/>
  • quantity – the number of groups
  • name – the group name
  • numbers – the quantity of numbers in the group
  • id – the group’s unique ID
  • is_stop – whether or not this is a STOP group

Read the advanced specification of this response.


Example PHP code:

Under development



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