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SMS Software – ASLEF adopts SMS Strategy

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ASLEF, the train drivers’ union is using Text Marketer’s  business sms software to keep members up to date with all the latest news and employee issues.

Employer relations and negotiations change on a minute by minute basis, so using an sms software package such as Text Marketer’s, means that members are always informed and in touch. The sms software is particularly useful as a tool to let members know about any events or demonstrations that are being planned. Any last minutes changes to meeting points can be instantly sent out via text, so everyone knows exactly where to meet and what to expect.

Using an sms software service is always an incredibly powerful way of communicating with field based staff where plans are likely to change at the last minute. Text Marketer’s sms software is used by a number of field marketing agencies who might have hundreds of casual workers to coordinate on any one day. Where people are working on their own, using an sms software solution makes them feel more included and part of the team.

SMS Software is free to set up and there are no monthly fees. Users simply pay a low cost per text. There are also 10 free text credits so that comanies can test the sms software before making any commitment to purchase. Text credits don’t expire so companies have as long as they like to use the credits that they have bought. This is important if it’s not clear how often the sms software is going to be used.

If you’d like to trial our sms software, please set up a free account. Or if you like to have a chat, please feel free to call us on 0117 205 0202.

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