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The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing – Part 1

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This e-book runs in conjunction with our ongoing series , 10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana. The idea is to help mobile marketers avoid the most commonly made mistakes. If you’re new to mobile marketing, it’s all too easy to end up being wise after the event. So a little consideration before diving in could help you avoid you avoid those ‘doh’ moments.

Chapter 1 – Why bother with a mobile marketing strategy?

In the words of Stan at Velocity Partners – “Mobile is the juggernaut that we’re all trying very hard to pretend we don’t see.” The time now has come to stand and up and face your demons. Honestly, it’s all pretty straightforward really.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in mobile marketing. Momentum is building and the results are raising eyebrows even among the most battle weary marketers.There’s huge scope to generate wondrous, never dreamed of response; but ignore a few simple guidelines and mobile can be the most damaging venture of your career.

Attention Please…..

Getting the undivided attention of your average consumer is tough. There are so many things that are far more important to them than what you have to say. You’re up against formidable competitors that you haven’t the faintest hope of challenging. These aren’t your commercial adversaries; they’re just a bunch ofcompanies trying to do the same things as you. No, these competitors make up everything that’s actually important in life. A few pertinent examples…

Catching the train
Getting the lawn mowed

Sorry, you’re not important

Consumers simply don’t care what you have to say and frankly you have the slimmest of chances to get their attention, let alone getting them to part with their cash. So you see the mountain that marketers have to climb. It’s pretty daunting and most companies fall at the first hurdle.

You’re also disappointing

And the news doesn’t get much better. You’re going to disappoint them – 100% of the time. Make no mistake, when your bulk sms lands with its shrill alert on your targets’ phones, the first emotion will be one of disappointment, possibly twinged with annoyance. You’ve disturbed their day with a mobile marketing text. Thanks. You’re text will probably be seen as spam.(OK it might not technically or legally be spam but spam is in the eye of the beholder.) Text is a personal medium. The rules are different.

so, no matter how brilliantly you’ve put together your offer, or how cleverly you’ve compressed your message to just 160 characters, your bulk sms campaign sadly is just an unwelcome intrusion

Onwards and Upwards

So the challenge is to use mobile as way of cutting through the stuff that’s important to us and make your prospects pause, just for a nanosecond and consider what on earth you’ve interrupted their day with. Well you’ve made a start by considering the direct marketing channel with the highest delivery and response rates of any communication medium. But that in itself by no means guarantees you success. In fact, get it wrong and with mobile you can do far more damage far more quickly than the worst email or mailing campaign imaginable. One false move and you’re doomed.

And so to battle…

So the road to a successful mobile marketing campaign is long and pot-holed. The purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the more obvious pitfalls waiting to derail your campaign. Armed with this knowledge you’re much better prepared for battle and you’ve just massively increased the chances of success.

In the next chapter we start with the first deadly sin of mobile marketing, ‘Forget a call to action.’

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