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10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana – Chapter 2

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Following on from Chapter 1 about your SMS data, this next chapter of our e-book is about how you can grow your mobile marketing database. Generating new prospects is a topic close to all our hearts and this section illustrates how using mobile can boost your results in this area.

Chapter 2 – Grow Your Mobile Database

Give people a text response option

You’ll have come across text response mechanics a million times on TV and radio ads. Typically, you’re invited to text a keyword to a five digit short code and someone will get back to you. The motor manufactures are particularly keen on this even if they don’t always execute it particularly well.

The results of including a text response on your advertising are pretty stark. If you give people the choice, around half of them will choose to contact you using the sms option. You can also expect to get an overal uplift in response of about 20%.

With these sorts of results, it surprises us in the mobile industry  that so few companies include a text reponse on any of their marketing materials. Essentially, if your advertising is about getting people to do something, then there’s a strong argument for including a text response on all your marketing. So any activity that includes your company phone number or website address should also include a text option.

So by far and away the best way of growing your mobile database is to allow customers and prospect to contact you by text.

Show me the tools

Using a text response on your marketing is low cost and ridiculously easy to set up. All you need to do is check that the keyword that you want to use is available. Then set up an account and order your keyword. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. The first week is also free so you can get the whole thing set up and tested before you spend any money.

Next week’s chapter is all about the message. You’ve got 160 characters, how on earth do you make the most of them?

Special Offer

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