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10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana – Chapter 5

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Following on from Chapter 4 about timing your bulk sms campaign for optimum response, this chapter is all about the response mechanic. Should you ask customers to call you or reply to the text you’ve just sent them? Or perhaps you should include a URL that they can click.

Chapter 5 – The Response Mechanic

It’s always struck me as such a pretentious marketing bullshit expression, ‘response mechanic’, but I can never come up with a succinct alternative, so we’re stuck with it I’m afraid.

So what we’re covering is how should people respond to your mobile marketing campaign, what are you asking them to do? There a few golden rules here; mainly common sense but definitely worth spelling out.

Be Clear
You’ve only got 160 characters to get the message across. So you’ve got to crowbar in the offer and then the instructions. So whether you’re asking them to call you or reply to the text, make sure it’s absolutely clear what it is you want them to do.

Be Instructive
You’re trying to get people to act here, so you need to instruct people what to do. So, if you’re wanting people to call you, don’t just quote the number but ask people to call it. E.g – “Call us now on 0118 2345600.” If yo’re asking them to reply to your mobile marketing campaign, make sure it’s clear what they need to reply with.

Call or Text?
Whether people should call or text you depends on your market, your offer and what’s likely to most appropriate. Think like a customer. What would be the path of least resistance for your target market? You’ve just sent them a mobile marketing text so in most instances, it’s logical for them to able to reply to the text you’ve just sent them. Don’t make the customer work too hard. The easier you make it for people to response the better the response is likely to be. (We once had a customer who amazingly said that he didn’t want to have a text reply option as he didn’t think he’d be able to handle the response.)

Should I also include a link to my website?
Including a link to a website in your mobile marketing campaign in theory is a great idea. it allows you to break free of  the restrictions of 160 characters and can give your customers more information when their interest is at its peak. This is only a good idea however if your website is optimised for mobile or you have a specific mobile site. You end up looking a bit silly if you merrily send people off to a site that takes 5 minutes to load and is completely unusable.

So keep your instructions simple and logical. Make sure that you’re not making your customers junp through hoops.

Why not set up a free account so you can get your first mobile marketing campaign going? Use the promo code nirvana5 on sign up and you’ll get 50 free text credits. Bargain.

Next week we’ll go into a bit of detail on the legal side of mobile marketing. You’ll find out whether you are actually allowed to send your customers bulk sms campaigns. Scary stuff. (Not really actually.)


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