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10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana – Chapter 7

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Following on from Chapter 6 about SMS Marketing and The Law, this chapter is all about the practicalities of getting an SMS campaign up and running. Where do you start and what it is likely to cost?

Chapter 7 – Getting an SMS Campaign up and running & The Costs

Firstly, of course, you need to have your data sorted out. We’ll assume you’ve got this but if not, it is covered in Chapter 1.

Let’s start with the costs. Always a popular topic! Text Marketer offer the lowest rates of text messaging in the UK for quality SMS delivery (see our SMS Buyers Guide to read more on quality).

Our highest cost is 3.7p per message, for lower volumes. But, you can get buy at 2.6p per message for much higher volumes. See our Bulk SMS prices page for the full sliding scale of costs.

So for example, an SMS Campaign of 1000 would cost just £37. If you compare this to say direct mail, which would probably be around £500 (or more) per 1000, you can see it is incredibly cost effective – not to mention more responsive! (There’s a great direct marketing comparison article which looks at the benefits of texting over other direct marketing and compares the costs and responsiveness and ROI – there’s even an environmental benefit of using texting!).


Here’s the easy bit. Sending out a text campaign is as easy as copy & pasting your numbers in the system, writing a message and pressing the send button! Most could have a campaign out within a few minutes and the messages would be on people’s phones within seconds.

As a great visual example, take a look at our videos page and watch the “How it works in 60 seconds” video.


Over the years, we’ve heard this from literally thousands of companies. But, they’re not sure what information they need. So we’ve produced a “Getting Started in SMS Marketing” page which has 5 categories of customer and the ‘basic’ information required as well as ‘advanced reading’.

This will provide all the information you could possibly need in terms of getting your first campaign out.

Don’t forget our 50 free credit offer below too – why not give it a go just with 50 of your customer base and see what the results are!?

Why not set up a free Text Marketer account so you can get your first mobile marketing campaign going?
Use the promo code NIRVANA7 on sign up and you’ll get 50 free text credits.

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