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10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana – Chapter 8

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The last chapter in this series was about how to get a mobile marketing campaign up and running and what it would cost. This chapter looks in a bit more detail about 2 way sms and what options are available and costs.


What’s the differencee between long codes and short codes? When and how should I use them? How much do they cost?

Short Codes

Short codes are mainly used to generate response from advertising or marketing activity. A responder will text in a keyword to a 5 digit short code, e.g 88802. The responder then receives an automated text response letting them know what will happen next. The responder’s mobile number, date and time of text and the content of the text itself are captured and stored.

The incoming text can be routed to an email address and can also be viewed in your Text Marketer account where all responder information can be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet or csv file.

As long as the keyword is at the start of the text and followed by a space, then everything else is captured. This means that you can collect other data such as email or postal addresses.

We offer 2 types of keywords. Value keywords start with a number (e.g 2book) and standard keywords are any word that you wish.
Value keywords cost 5.00 + VAT a month with no minimum period and the first week is free. Standard keywords cost £25.00 + VAT a month, again with no minimum period and the first week free.

You can find out the availabilty of keywords here.

Automated text responses cost 3.7 pence + VAT

Long Codes or Virtual Mobile Numbers

Using a long code allows people to reply to the bulk sms campaigns that you send them. They do not need to start their text with a keyword, so no matter what they send, their entire text is captured. Long codes can also texted directly so customers might be able to text you with specific query for example.

The incoming text is routed to you via email. You can then reply to the person by text, using your email system. The reply is then routed back to the person’s mobile as a text. So that you can see who has sent what, the entire conversation thread is captured.

All responses are also captured in your account and can be downloaded to an Excel or CSV file.

Long codes costs £10.00 + VAT per month. There is no minimum period or contract, so you can cancel at any time.
Each organisation has their own virtual mobile number or txtUs number.

If you’d like to get up and running, stage one is to get a free account set up. Use the promo code Nirvana8 and you’ll receive 50 free text credits.

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