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SMS Campaign Watch – Win a Weekend in the Peaks

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Another consumer mobile maketing campaign comes under the spotlight. This time it’s Buxton Water with their current ‘win a weekend tour of the peaks‘ competition.

Creative Impact – Score - 7.5 / 10

Understated is how I’d describe this mobile marketing campaign. The offer didn’t exactly leap from the bottle nor did the prize itself thrill me to my core. A weekend tour of the Peak District in a Jaguar; sounds pleasant enough but not exactly what I’ve been yearning for my whole life. But I rather like this approach. Offer something rather modest that your target market might enjoy. A very sensible strategy. I was slightly confused about Alastair Cook’s involmement, not being a cricket fan. He didn’t seem to be mentioned at all, so I wondered what on earth he was doing.

Entry Instructions – Score 9/10

More or less full marks here. Clear concise instructions, with added weight and emphasis given to the ‘call to action’. Buxton Water have sensibly recognised that you don’t need to have the full terms and conditions on pack, cluttering and confusing. A simple refenerence to the website is perfectly adequate and doesn’t compromise on the space for the creative.

Easy of Entry – Score – 10/10

Bang on. No purchase necessary so no code required. Simply text Buxton to 60300.

What happened Next - Score 7/10

A few seconds after entering came the following sms alert…

“Thank you for registering in the Buxton Jaguar competition. We will text you back if you are one of the lucky winners.”

I felt this was a bit bland. They should perhaps have told me when the prize draw was taking place. It might also have been a good idea to ask me to do something else, visit the website or go buy some more of the product. It felt like that was it, interaction over, “goodbye random consumer”.

Terms and Conditions – Score 9.5/10

The Buxton legal department have managed to hold themselves back and not insisted that terms and conditions be listed in full in tiny font on the bottle itself.  You are simply referred to the web site which details all the legal stuff. How refreshing.

Overall Score – 43 / 50 – 86%

A modest, non-shouty mobile marketing campaign that is all the better for it. I’ll let you know if I win.

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