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The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing – Sin Two

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bulk smsThe First sin was forgetting a call to action. The next sin is equally as likely to screw up your mobile marketing campaign.

More Haste, Less Speed


Mobile is unlike any other marketing channel. It’s quick to deploy. Really quick. You can have an idea in the shower and have the bulk sms campaign landing on customers’ phones by 9.30 the same morning. This most nimble of direct marketing channels has impatient marketers rushing to get their campaigns out in double quick time.

On more than one occasion though we’ve had panicked managers on the phone asking (more in hope than expectation), whether it’s possible to recall a campaign once it’s been dispatched. The mistakes are normally minor such quoting an incorrect phone number or web address but nonetheless render the whole sms campaign an embarrassing cock up.

So the golden rule is to send yourself and your colleagues a test sms. Pretend you’re a customer receiving it. Does it make sense? Are the details correct? How could it be improved?

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