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The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing – Sin 4

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The last sin warned of the perils of not allowing your customers to unsubscribe from your bulk sms campaigns. The next sin is about the dangers of not treating your customers as individuals.

Treat Everyone the Same

Mobile marketing has been around for over 10 years but it still operates in the shadows of mainstream direct marketing, a fact that has always bemused us mobile industry types. It still acts as an ‘also ran’ behind the might of email or direct mail.

Targeting and customer segmentation have long been the bedrock of any direct marketing campaign and quite right too. What’s often missed though is that with mobile you can segment your customers into far smaller and precise categories.

There are no creative costs, you’ve got 160 characters to get your message across and that’s it. Whereas, with a mailing campaign you can only logistically offer 3 or 4 different creative executions, with mobile you can run as many separate offers as you wish. So the opportunity is to give your customers services that are as closely targeted to what they want as possible.

Set up a free account with 10 free text credits and discover how easy it is to get a bulk sms campaign up and running.

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