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The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing – Sin 6

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The last mobile marketing sin talked about how easy it is for mobile marketing messages to be seen as spam if you send too frequently. This sin warns of the dangers of just using bulk sms as a way of blasting out offers and not offering anything else of value to your customers.

Just Sell Sell Sell 

Although mobile marketing is the most responsive direct marketing channel, you can do much more with it than just sell your wares. You can gain so much more trust and authority by mixing up your messages with other information that might actually be useful. So instead of just seeing your sms service as a route to sales, you should also view it as a way of ‘adding value’ to what you already do.

One Text Marketer customer, Jim Bailey, runs the Vauxhall dealer in Torbay. He mainly uses sms to send out service and MOT reminders. In addition he also sends out ‘motoring tips’ at certain times of year, reminding people to check washer fluid, anti freeze and oil levels etc. This might sound a tad trite but the reaction from his customers has been surprisingly positive. He has spontaneously received thanks from customers about this service and even generated some free pr in the local papers.

So if you use sms to do something slightly unusual, based upon delivering a service rather than just selling, then you might just end up with something that customers see as useful.

Set up a free account with 10 free text credits and discover how easy it is to get a bulk sms campaign up and running.

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