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SMS Gateway Integration Complete. Time Taken- 7 Minutes

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When software development company, Team Able, were looking for a new sms gateway provider, they needed to find a replacement in one hell of a hurry. The system they had built for their client had sms sending embedded in it but their existing sms gateway provider had let them down with poor reliability. So, the client’s system was live and users were trying to send texts which were just disappearing into a black hole.

A quick Google search by project leader Simon Pearce, unearthed Text Marketer and a few other likely looking sms gateway providers. We were lucky enough to be the first company that Simon contacted. Having explained the urgent predicament, Richard Hawley talked Simon through the simple process of getting a test sms gateway account set up. 1.5 minutes later, account set up was complete.

Show me an example

Now to the potentially tricky part, the sms gateway integration itself. The last thing Simon needed at this stage was to be presented with a massive technical document detailing all the intricate tools and features. What he needed was an example.

“How do your send data using Text Marketer’s sms gateway? Show me an example and I’ll be able to pick it up from there.”

Richard directed Simon to his ‘sms api account settings’ page where there is an preformatted example of how to send sms.

By clicking on the example shown, Simon was sent a test sms, so he could see the sms gateway actually working.

This gave Simon all he needed to get started. A quick reference to the simple, clear sms gateway documentation and 5 .5 minutes later, the live system was sending texts again. So the total time from picking up the phone to getting the first text delivered was 7 minutes. (Admittedly, there was some further refinement for collecting delivery reports and setting up long messages.)

Set up a free sms gateway account. We’ll automatically give you 10 free text credits for testing. You’ll probably need more, so do give us a call on 0117 2050202 and we’ll gladly add as many credits for testing as you need. I’m sure it won’t be quite as quick as Simon but we’re always standiing by to answer any of your questions.

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