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SMS API Integration – You Choose Your Level of Support

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At Text Marketer we speak to a good number of software development companies. Usually they are adding an SMS sending facility to an existing piece of software. So this might be used for sending appointment reminders, order confirmations or a huge range of other SMS notifications.

Integrating a system with Text Marketer’s SMS API so that the system can generate simple outbound texts is very straightforward. Things can become slightly more complicated if a system needs to receive texts, process delivery reports or automatically respond to the incoming text. With SMS API integration, the devil, (as so often is the case), is in the detail. Different levels of SMS API complexity needs different levels of support.

Text Marketer SMS API customers can choose the level of support that they need. Every customer has a dedicated SMS API integration technician whose job it is to be on hand to assist whenever they are needed. So if you need the fanatic support of the kind that Andy Murray’s mother provides, we will do our best. We don’t operate a ticketing system where you would have to to raise a support request and then await a response. Customers have the direct telephone number of the integration technician, which they can call at any time.

As well as the human support, we have developed a comprehensive range of SMS API integration documents. The documentation, along with code examples are designed and set out in a straightforward and logical way. We often find that with our support, successfully completing SMS API integration is far less of a hassle than originally anticipated.

We always provide a free testing account for software developers and you will also receive as many free test credits as you need, whether that’s just a few or a few thousand. if you would like to explore our SMS API, please feel free to set up a free account. You will automatically receive 10 free to credits but just drop us a quick line if you need more.

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