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Business SMS is Here to Stay – Research Reveals

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There’s been a lot of industry chat about the future of SMS lately. Recent research by mobile analyst Portio Research, has revealed that contrary to predictions, SMS is fighting off competition from instant messaging services such as BBM, Facebook, IMessage and others.

It turns out that SMS is as popular as ever and SMS use in the US, Asia and Europe is still growing fast rather than shrinking as many pundits predicted. So SMS as a communication channel is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

So where does that leave business SMS services? 

Business SMS has always had some massive advantages over other communication channels. Firstly, over 95% of all text messages that are delivered are actually read and the vast majority within 5 minutes. Compare that with e-mail, where you’re lucky to get an open rate of 25%. Business SMS as a marketing tool is also five times more responsive than direct mail. (Source – Mobile Marketing Association)

In addition, SMS has the distinction of being the only instant messaging solution that works across all operating platforms and all makes and models of mobile. So business SMS is as solid, dependable and responsive as ever. The fact that you have to pay for business SMS means that we don’t all receive titanic quantities of junk.

Despite the massive growth of the use of business SMS in the UK, most companies still don’t use SMS at all, a fact that always surprises us industry types. Our estimate is that around 30% of companies use or have used business SMS in the last few years.

So if your company makes up the 70% that are new to business SMS, why not try it out today. Setting up an account takes just a minute or so. So that you can try the service at no cost, your business SMS account comes with 10 free text credits for testing. There are no setup costs or monthly fees and your text credits never expire.

Or you can always give us a call on (0117) 205 0202. We got some very experienced people who will be able to advise on the best way forward.

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