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SMS Gateway API Integration – Not Such a Headache

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I’ve been speaking to a software developer recently about whether he would consider switching his SMS gateway API to Text Marketer. There are huge savings to be bagged as the deal we agreed is about 35% lower than his existing SMS gateway API provider. Unfortunately it looked as though we had hit a snag. While commercially the deal was certainly very attractive, price was only part of the story.

The main concern about switching SMS gateway API provider was the pain and hassle that would be involved. His initial estimate was that it would take about two weeks of one person’s time to migrate their existing systems to Text Marketer. I suspected that he might have been a little pessimistic and that he might have been using this as an excuse to get me off the phone.

So without any high expectations I suggested that I open an SMS gateway account, add some free credits for testing and send him over links to all the relevant documentation. To my surprise I noticed that about half an hour later a new account had been opened. Later the same day we noticed that some test texts were being sent.

Our technical department also received a couple of calls from the customer with minor technical queries. After three days of inactivity I was beginning to wonder whether the customer had decided that SMS gateway API integration with us was indeed going to be too much hassle. However, a week or so later the customer purchased their first block of text credits and we could see the SMS volume flowing through.

So what initially the customer thought was going to be a major headache was actually pretty straightforward. It’s like most jobs that we think are going to be problematic, when you actually dive in, it’s often nowhere near as bad as you feared.

Software developers of all shapes and sizes use Text Marketer’s SMS gateway API. If you would like to explore this in more detail, please feel free to set up an account. We will add as many text credits as you need for testing and our technical team will be on hand to answer any queries that you may have.

We’d also love to hear from you, so please give us a call on 0117 2050202.


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