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SMS Short Code – Dragons’ Den Contestant Uses Text Response

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You may remember a recent Dragons’ Den contestant who was trying to get investment for an innovative new type of hairbrush. While his ‘Tangle Teezer’ product was pretty impressive, he put the dragons off with a somewhat overenthusiastic demonstration on a hairdresser’s practice head.

Despite failing to crowbar funds out of the dragons, the product has been an overwhelming success. It’s available pretty much everywhere on the high street and sales have been extraordinary. The next target market for the wily entrepreneurs is the salon sector which is notoriously difficult and expensive to penetrate.

One of the most effective ways of gaining exposure is to offer a sample of your product to salons free of charge which is the strategy that Tangle Teezer have chosen to pursue. An ad has been placed in the trade publication Salon Professional, which invites readers to text in the keyword SAMPLE, followed by their address to a five digit SMS Short Code. Responders then receive an automated text response confirming that their free Tangle Teezer is on its way.

Response to the SMS Short Code has been brisk and within the first 48 hours over 200 salon professionals had texted into the SMS Short Code for their free sample. Using a text response with an SMS Short Code uplifts overall response to an advertising campaign by between 15 and 20%. It’s a simple and low cost marketing tool that many companies are only now starting to consider.

If you are doing any form of direct response advertising or marketing, whether that is consumer or b2b, then there is a pretty strong argument for including an SMS Short Code response in the creative. If you would like to explore how an SMS Short Code might work for you please feel free to call us on (0117) 205 0202. If you prefer to watch videos rather than read documents, you can view our brief SMS Short Code video, where Garry explains how it all works.

You can also find out if the keyword that you want to use is available here. There is no setup fee or contract, you simply pay a low monthly fee for the SMS shortcode and you can cancel at any time.

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