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The Year of the SMS Gateway

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In 2011 we saw an impressive increase in the number of companies who started looking at SMS as a way of communicating with customers, prospects and staff. Most newcomers to SMS marketing tend to use the stand alone web based SMS marketing platform. It’s the quickest way of getting up and running and starting to explore the various ways that SMS can be used.

The web-based SMS marketing system is highly flexible and user-friendly but one of its limitations is that you can’t automate sending SMS based on a time or event trigger. So if for example you wanted to send a customer an appointment reminder by text you would have to log into your account and set the message up manually.

This year we think there is going to be a large increase in the number of companies using the SMS Gateway as a way of routing messages. The SMS Gateway allows you to integrate and automate the sending of texts from your own systems, software or website. So instead of having to set up an appointment reminder manually, the SMS Gateway would allow you to automate the task. As the use of business SMS starts to become standard practice, it makes sense that companies streamline and optimise systems to take full advantage of this most responsive communication channel.

Integrating with the SMS Gateway is more technically involved than using a standalone SMS system but offers you far greater flexibility in the way that you use SMS.

If you would like to look at this, please feel free to set up an account. You’ll get some free text credits for testing and our experienced technical team can help you out if you have any queries. If you would like a chat, do give us a call on (0117) 205 0202.


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