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Why Are Text Marketer’s Bulk SMS Prices So Low?

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We want to provide the best possible bulk SMS tools at the lowest possible price. It’s a simple ambition. To add some credibility to the project, we published our bulk SMS price comparison table that compares our prices to many of our competitors.

Looking at the table, the average saving on a purchase of 1000 text credits is an eyebrow raising 39%. (At time of writing). This raises the obvious question: How is Text Marketer able to charge so much less than other companies providing bulk SMS services? There is a simple and logical explanation.

The cost per text that bulk SMS providers pay has dropped very significantly in the past few years. This means that if a bulk SMS provider has not dropped their cost to the end user, then they are generating more profit from every customer than they used to. We have taken the very obvious step of passing on the cost savings to our customers. This ludicrously simple plan has meant that our customers can enjoy very low bulk SMS costs without any compromise on the quality of service or the support that they receive.

Eliminate Waste

We also keep a beady eye on our costs. We have a modest but efficient office in central Bristol (which apparently looks like a prison) and we have steered clear from opening up offices throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Text Marketer only uses direct connections to UK networks, we never route our bulk SMS traffic through low-grade, unreliable international routes. We’ve invested heavily in making our service as robust and bullet-proof as possible and our servers are hosted with Rackspace, recognised by many leading brands as the most reliable server hosting service available.

So we haven’t taken any short cuts in providing our customers with a low-cost bulk SMS service, we’ve just passed on cost reductions that all bulk SMS providers have benefited from.

If you haven’t yet explored how bulk SMS might work for you, help yourself to a free account. You’ll get some free text credits for testing so you can see how it works before buying any text credits. Do call us or drop us a line if you’d like to discuss anything further, all our details are on our contact page.

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