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SMS API – Rocket Software Integrates with Text Marketer

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Rocket Software SMS APISpecialist recruitment software company, Rocket Software has selected Text Marketer’s SMS API to integrate into its software platform.

Rocket’s software includes an SMS tool that allows users to send texts to applicants on any number of different subjects.

Using Text Marketer’s set of SMS API tools, Rocket are able to create sub accounts for new customers and then transfer credits from a ‘master’ account to the sub accounts. This means that Rocket can easily control all aspects of account management. The SMS API tools include a low credit warning alert that can trigger a text and an email when SMS text credits fall below a set level. This ensures that SMS API accounts don’t run short of credits.

No Low Volume Penalty

One of the attractive aspects of working with Text Marketer is that they offered a low flat rate per text regardless of the volume of texts that were being purchased. This allows Rocket Software to grow their SMS volume over time but still pay a very low rate when the volumes are more modest.

Text Marketer director Nick Rich commented:

“Many software companies simply don’t know what SMS volumes will be going through their SMS API and they don’t want to have to purchase hundreds of thousands of text credits to access low prices. By offering a low flat rate we are allowing companies using our SMS API to grow the volumes over time.”

Setting up an SMS API account is free. There are no set up costs, contracts or nasty small print. For software developers we will give as many text credits as are needed and we offer vigilant support to make SMS API integration is as straightforward as possible.

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