Big Summer


New ‘Plug-n-Play’ class for PHP developers. SMS Integration in minutes.

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To enable developers to integrate SMS into their applications in minutes, Text Marketer has created a new  ‘plug-n-play’ class.

Choosing  a REST based architecture for our SMS API services as proved to be popular with main stream developers wanting to utilise the full power of our APIs, however we found that with so many features being bundled in to our APIs, it would be helpful to create a simplified client class.

From this objective we have developed the Plug and Play drop in class for (currently) any PHP developer to exploit. This will be the first in a crop of drop in classes for all the major languages.

The overall aim allows fairly complex tasks to be abstracted to simple methods, increasing productivity, speed of implementation and compatibility. During initial tests with developers we found that  it had achieved these goals with all being able to install and test the class within minutes.

The class can be found in the REST documentation area for developers at the following URL: or going directly to the PDF document at:


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