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How do I reactivate a subscription payment for keywords or txtUs numbers after a payment failure?

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If you aren’t using the Google Wallet automated payment subscription service, you can skip to In 3 Easy Steps below…

When a subscription payment fails in your Google Wallet account for a keyword or txtUs subscription you will be notified by both Google and us that your subscription payment has failed and that you need to update your card details in Google. This often happens when a card expires for example.

Unfortunately, when card details are updated (or new ones added) in Google Wallet, your subscription agreement is broken for any keywords or txtUs numbers in your system, so that has to be re-created. Due to the problems this has caused for customers we have withdrawn support for new Google Wallet automated subscriptions, but you can still pay using Google Wallet or any of payment services we support, using our new subscription service, as outlined below.

In 3 Easy Steps

  • Please log in to your Message Box account and go to the financials section.
  • What you’ll need to do now is cancel affected keywords and/or txtUs numbers (don’t worry they won’t disappear from your account or be taken by other customers).
    Click Unsubscribe next to any keywords or txtUs numbers you wish to update.
  • Once you have cancelled these, you will now see a Resubscribe link next to them. Simply, click Resubscribe and go through the set up process to resubscribe. You can choose any payment method we offer.

That’s it!

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