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SMS API customer that makes us smile – Ironing Supplies

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We’re frequently amazed at the ingenious ways that customers use our SMS API. Almost every day we come across uses for SMS that we had never dreamed of. ‘Text-a-Squirrel‘ for example was a brilliant way that people could text in sightings of the endangered red squirrel in Scotland.

A recent SMS API sign up revealed a whole new industry to us. Who would have thought that the mundane business of getting creases out of clothes could support a massive infrastructure of suppliers and customers? Step forth Ironing Supplies, the place to go if you need anything ironing related! They’re using our SMS API to keep their customers in touch with all their latest special offers.

Setting up the SMS API account took just a matter of minutes and the actual integration not much more. They did run into a small technical issue which thankfully we were able to resolve (Surely you mean iron out – ed) pretty quickly. They were even kind enough to thank us for the speedy fix on Twitter.

 ”Top marks for Henry & the team @TextMarketerLtd for sorting our SMS problem superfast. If you need business SMS marketing, look no further!”

Text enabling your website or system via our SMS API is consistently far less hassle than people expect. Even people from a non IT background are able to get the SMS service working reasonably easily. So if you’d like to give it a bash, please feel free to set up a account. Let us know if you need more than the standard 10 free text credits for testing, we’ll happily add as many as you need. (Within reason obviously.)

If you have a hunch that using an SMS API in your business might help, why not give us a call and we can talk through the options. Our contact details are available on the contact page.

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