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Use an SMS Gateway and Reduce Your Communication Costs

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SMS gateway reduces postage costsUsing an sms gateway to send texts to your customers and prospects is never going to completely replace the postal service. There are certain times when only an envelope and a stamp will do and some of your customers will never want to receive texts from you.

But a first-class stamp now costs 60p. Ouch. That still feels to me like pretty good value but compared to what it used to cost, it’s a pretty dramatic increase over the past few years. If you are using the postal service for any type of mass mailing, then the argument for using an SMS gateway is becoming stronger and stronger.

The key to making SMS work is not to think of SMS as a replacement to the post but as an additional option. In the same way that we are all being encouraged to view our bank statements online, customers can be given the option to receive some of their stuff by text. Using an SMS gateway will present a number of logistical challenges but you will definitely reap the rewards of giving your customers a more tailored service and of course by dramatically reducing your costs. You’ll also be able to boast proudly that you’re helping to save the planet by becoming a greener organisation.

Set Up a Free SMS Gateway Account

To start exploring this, you can set up a free sms gateway account. We will give you 10 free text credits so that you can test the service. (If you need more just drop us a quick e-mail and we’ll gladly add as many free text credits as you need.) You might prefer to call us; we’re always happy to talk through the options. All details are on the contacts page.


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