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Business SMS API Integrations on the Rise

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The role that business SMS plays in UK organisations is changing. No longer is SMS seen as a somewhat maverick communication channel, used only by brands targeting the youth sector. Business SMS has evolved, matured and has become almost mainstream. (I say almost because we are still taken aback by the number of organisations that don’t use bulk SMS at all.)

For many, SMS is settling in nicely as a quick and cost-effective way of getting a message across. Increasingly, it is not just being used for one off bulk SMS marketing blasts but is being integrated into the very fabric and make up of day to day communications.

This shift in the way that business SMS is used is evidenced by a significant swell in the numbers of customers that are integrating their systems using our SMS API. We have at least double the number of companies using our SMS API that we did around 18 months or so ago. Part of that rise will be down to customers switching to us to benefit from lower costs, but for many this is the first time that they have integrated SMS into their systems.

Business SMS – not just a sales tool

As the number of SMS API integrations rises, we’ve also seen the types of messages that are being sent change. SMS alerts and notifications are playing a much larger role as opposed to marketing type messages. So companies are increasingly using SMS for appointment reminders, delivery notifications etc as well as for marketing and sales offers.

Technically, integrating with our SMS API is pretty straightforward. You can set up a free SMS API account and receive some free text credits for testing. Let us know if you need more than the standard 10 that come with your account. We’ve aimed to make the SMS API documentation as straightforward as possible and we have lots of sample code available for you to use.

We are keen to help out if we can, so feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss how our SMS API could be used in your organisation. Our details can be found on our contacts page.


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