Big Summer


Engage with your customers during the London 2012 Olympics

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… and get more business!

This is a fabulous way to engage with your customers in a non-sales way but still results in you getting more business.

It is based on a competition we ran for England in Euro 2012 (nuff said about that!). We simply text customers before the competition started asking them how many goals they thought England would score during the tournament. Using the free reply or txtUs number as the originator, we’ll built up a bank of replies with their predictions.

The message was, “Can you predict how many goals England will score during Euro 2012? Text back your guess and if you’re right there’s an iPad 3 up for grabs for one lucky winner. Thanks.”

Here’s the clever part

The day after each match, there was a great reason to text customers again. Such as, “A fabulous win for England last night. That puts the total at 2 goals now. We’re celebrating with 10% off everything at”.

This was one of the most responsive messages we’ve seen for some time. There was a legitimate reason to text people. An interesting message to say, as they were in the competition and a general ‘good feeling’ reason to offer a small discount and direct them to our website. Ticking all the right boxes.

We did it the day after each time England had scored (OK, so it wasn’t a long term campaign!) and each time the response was incredible with sales at the site increasing.

So, how does this apply to the Olympics?

How about, “Can you predict how many Gold Medals Britain will win in the Olympics? Text back your guess and if you’re right there’s an iPad 3 up for grabs for one lucky winner. Thanks.” ……?

It starts in less than a month and there’ll be a 2 week window in which you can keep in contact with your customers – as I’m sure we’ll be piling in the gold’s! We’d suggest sending out the initial text about a week before it starts – ‘Olympics Fever Pitch’ should be about right by then.


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