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SMS Communications – It’s not just about selling

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Our recently commissioned survey into the views of consumers on receiving bulk SMS campaigns from companies, revealed a largely untapped demand for texts.

Consumer Views on Non-Marketing Text Alerts

An important finding was that there is a huge demand for non-marketing based bulk SMS. Appointment reminders, delivery and order notifications were delivered to consumers less frequently, but are in fact hugely popular.

Bulk SMS survey

As the graph indicates, only 29% of those surveyed had actually received an appointment reminder by text message in the past 3 months, meaning that a staggering 71% of consumers had not. In addition, 84% and 74% of those consumers have not received order confirmation texts or delivery notifications respectively in the past three months.


When you couple these findings with those in the graph below, it’s clear that there is a huge, but unfulfilled demand for non-marketing based texts. In fact, 84%, 61% and 89% of consumers would like to receive appointment reminders, order confirmations and delivery notifications respectively via text message.

bulk sms survey

So when you’re pondering your next  bulk sms campaign , don’t just think about what you can sell your customers by text, think about what service you can offer by text.

Your customers will be relieved that every sms you send them is not just about trying to part them with their cash. Providing a useful service by SMS such as appointment reminders or delivery notifications makes your customers feel valued and that should lead to greater loyalty and spend in the long term.

None of this is complicated or technical to set up and run. Stage one is to set up a free bulk sms account. This is a web based system that allows you to run all your text campaigns. On set up, you’ll receive some free text credits so you can test the system before you spend anything. After logging in, the first screen that you arrive on is ‘Quick Send’. From here you can send out your first bulk sms campaign simply by copying and pasting your mobile numbers, writing your message and pressing submit. All from just one screen.

We’re always on hand to assist with any button pressing help you might need, so please feel free to call us. Our number is on the contacts page.

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