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9 out of 10 websites don’t collect data from web visitors unless they buy!

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A completely wasted resource

When you think about all the time and effort it takes to build a business, get your website the best it possibly can be and then eventually get some traffic to it … it seems crazy not to try and engage those visitors and try to get at least a small amount of contact information from them.

After all, they’ve visited for a reason – either by searching for your product or service or from seeing some other advert.

Your E-commerce conversion rate

This is important. You’re probably quite lucky if it’s 10% of visitors who actually buy (even the mighty Amazon’s is only suggested to be 9.6%). That means 90% or more of your visitors disappear without a trace!

How to engage your customers (and get some data!)

There are the old school ways. Enter a competition, put your name here for a prize draw, get a free catalogue, etc., etc.

But. Savvy web visitors have seen these a million times and your conversion rate for these will probably be even lower than your E-commerce rate! On top of that, the chances are people who put their names in for a prize draw will not be your ‘prime’ visitors.

Why did they visit?

Think about it. Why did they come to your site. The chances are they searched for your product or service because they are interested, right now, about what you have to offer.

The most powerful thing you can offer them then is more information about the thing they’re actually interested in right now – your product or service.

A mobile ‘bookmark’ . . . . offer them the opportunity to simply enter their mobile number only (no long complicated forms) and text them specific information about the page they’re on.

By doing this you’ve
a) increased your chances they’ll remember you in the future (as you’ll be in their SMS history) and
b) you’ll have their mobile number and the product/service they were interested in to follow up in the future.

Is it easy to do?

Yes, we have a product specifically designed for it which is free to download and use.

It takes a few minutes to grab the code for Form2SMS from your Text Marketer account (detailed Form2SMS Instructions here). You copy and paste the form code on to your web page and that’s it. You’re live.

You can even build the script into your CRM system so that the message is tailored on every single product page.

We’ve seen enquiries more than double on some sites by simply using Form2SMS and if you don’t return a text message, it doesn’t cost a thing – you’ll simply just be collecting the mobile number into a specific group (we’d recommend sending the message though – not for us to make money – but because of the power of the ‘mobile bookmark’ in their SMS history).

Give it a go.

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