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Survey Reveals Consumer Attitudes to SMS Marketing in the Fast Food Sector

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Press Release…

Bulk SMS providers Text Marketer have released the results of their in depth survey into consumer attitudes towards SMS Marketing. The survey, the largest of its kind, included a section that asked 1368 consumers specifically about their experience and opinions on receiving texts from fast food outlets. The conclusions from this research will be used to help mobile marketers shape their SMS marketing strategies in the future.

Few companies taking advantage

One of the key findings revealed by the study is that surprisingly few fast food companies are using SMS marketing as part of their overall business strategy. In contrast to the perception that consumers are being bombarded by marketing texts, just 27% have received a text from a fast food outlet in the past 3 months. An overwhelming 71% of respondents then went on to state that they would like to receive text message offers from outlets and brands that they have used before.

The survey also revealed that an impressive 38% of people are likely to respond to an offer sent to them via text. When asked about the types of offers that they would like to receive, 26% said that they would like a discount on their entire order, with 46% favouring a 2 for 1 deal. Just 9% indicated that they would respond to an offer based on drinks or side dishes.

A clear opportunity

These startling results show that there is a significant and currently untapped opportunity for brands in the fast food sector to generate increased revenue from embracing SMS marketing. The fact that we now know what types of offer people are most likely to respond to, makes the case even stronger.

Henry Cazalet, Director for Text Marketer spoke about the findings: “We are really excited with the results of this new three month survey and would like to thank everyone who took part. We believe that companies should be doing more to make the most of SMS marketing and these findings only reinforce this point.”

“It’s clear that a large percentage of people would like to receive text messages from their local fast food outlet and also that a large percentage would react to the information being sent. This in itself is a good indication of the power of SMS marketing.”


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