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Responding to Mobile Marketing Texts – What’s the Most Popular Method?

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Mobile  marketing surveyOur recently released survey, that asked over 1300 consumers what they thought about receiving mobile marketing texts from companies, threw out a few nuggets that marketers might like to pick up on. One of the mobile marketing truths revealed was on the subject of how people would prefer to respond to texts. The results were as follows.

How would you prefer to respond to an offer sent to you by text?

By replying to the text and receiving a call               41%
By clicking a link through to a mobile site                35%
By phoning the company directly                            24%

So it should be no real surprise that when people receive texts, they generally prefer to reply to them rather than going online or picking up the phone. This does however raise an interesting conundrum. Most of our customers believe that is very important that the mobile marketing messages that they send is branded. In other words, the sender ID is either the company name or brand. They feel it’s important to establish who you are before the message is actually opened. There’s certainly some logic in that but there is a problem. If you set the sender ID as your company name, the user won’t actually be able to reply to the text. You will need to give more detailed instructions in the body of the text. So in effect you have just created a hurdle for the customer.

The path of least resistance

We know that 41% of people would prefer to reply by text, that can only be done if you have a reply number as the sender ID. So it’s a bit of a balancing act. Should you have your company as the sender ID or should you make it easy for people to respond and have a reply number?

All the evidence suggests that there is no increase in response if you have the brand name as the sender ID. So I believe you should go with what the consumer wants and have the easy reply option.

Evidence of the exploding mobile commerce world was demonstrated by the fact that 35% of users would prefer to click through to a mobile site in order to respond to the offer. Just 24% would prefer to actually pick up the phone and speak to a human.

So these intriguing insights that the survey has shown help us piece together what’s really going on in people’s heads when they receive texts from companies. As marketers, it’s important that we know this stuff and actually act on it. For a quick overview of the survey results in full, check out the infographic.

Help yourself to a free mobile marketing account if you’d like to. We’ll give you some free text credits so you can try the service. We’ll also be standing by to help out with any button pressing queries or maybe even help you develop your mobile marketing strategy. Our details are on the contacts page.

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