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New Text Marketer Website Launched

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Text Marketer Logo“I think it’s time for a web redesign.”

Such a short sentence that can cause one whole heap of trouble. It’s fair to say that before today, we were suffering from a reasonable degree of web design creep. This is where you start off with a clean looking, fresh site which slowly becomes more and more cluttered as the years go by. As we developed more products and services it became increasingly tricky to find the space to present them.

So the time was ripe to start with a clean sheet of paper. Anyone that has been through this process will know the pain. Web design is so subjective and we all have opinions based on scant evidence. Our initial brainstorming produced all sorts of concepts like paper aeroplanes (too aimless), towns (too irrelevant), children in suits (too creepy). 

We eventually concluded that we didn’t really need a cunning theme running through the site. We decided the best way forward was to present our products and selling points in a fresh, clean, professional way that would help us stand out in a crowded marketplace. We hope we’ve succeeded! 

Looking through our blog, we realised that we had hundreds of articles and news items which many of our customers and prospects might genuinely find useful. Our Message Depot for example, where people can get ideas for their text promotions or our series of infographics and ebooks that distil ideas and research into a more manageable format. All this lovely content was buried and very difficult to access. So we’ve now put all our interesting content into one place, the Inspiration Zone. (Not a great name but we ran out of err… inspiration.) So the idea was to categorise all the content and present it in a much more usable way. We hope it’s useful.

One terrifying subject, that we barely dared to whisper, was that of search engine positioning. What would the impact of our new site have on our hardfought positioning on Google? Well, we’ve done all we can to prevent an SEO massacre and any short-term hiccups should only be short-lived. Time will tell. 

So we hope you think our website is a vast improvement on what we had before. It should certainly be easier to find the information that you’re after. It’s going to take us while to get used to the new branding. Right, onto the next project which is rebuilding our web based SMS platform.


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