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Redbox DVD Rentals Soar with Integrated SMS Campaign

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How effective can a simple Shortcode SMS Promotion be?

redbox shortcode sms promotion resultsRedbox has seen huge success from its most recent SMS campaign.

The campaign was based on offers sent to customers’ mobile phones via SMS. For each of the 10 days, consumers could text DEALS to a shortcode for a chance to receive an offer for discounted movie rentals. To drive awareness, announcements about the campaign were shared with their 3m Facebook fans and 30m email subscribers, and visitors to Redbox kiosks.

During the campaign’s 10-day period, Redbox received 1.5m texts, and found 400,000 unique customers participating – over 200,000 of them were new customers.

Jeff Judge, Signal’s CEO, says: “The 10 Days of Deals campaign is the most successful mobile campaign we’ve ever seen. It far outperformed any other campaign on our platform to date.”

In a blog post, Judge says that Redbox is bucking the trend of decline in physical movie rentals through a more convenient rental model – using self service kiosks in more than 27,800 locations  - and through integrated mobile marketing campaigns. The company has grown 34 per cent year-on-year, and now serve 40 rentals per second, according to the Redbox.”

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